Dear Clients,

Thank you for choosing and purchasing high quality greeting cards from Elite Stationery. The cards are specially packed by our cerebral palsy trainees from CPAS's Goodwill Rehabilitation Occupational Workshop (GROW).

The seasonal greeting cards are part of an ongoing social enterprise project in partnership with Elite Stationery, which has kindly borne all advertisement and other associated costs.

What is GROW Program?

GROW program provides value-added vocational training and sheltered employment for trainees aged 16 years and above with cerebral palsy and/or multiple disabilities. At the workshop, GROW trainees are taught manipulative skills by engaging in various assembly tasks and project management, where they produce commercial items and unique craft gifts. The trainees are also taught relevant vocational skills such as sales & inventory, handling customer service and basic food preparation skills for them to embark on potential open employment opportunities in various industries. As part of vocational training and for trainees who are not ready for open employment, they are also given opportunity to engage in CPAS social enterprise projects, such as operating Goodwill Thrift Shop, Cafeteria and Push Carts located in various locations across Singapore.

How do GROW beneficiaries directly benefit from your support through the purchase of Greeting Cards?

40% of the proceeds go back CPAS GROW to support our trainees in sheltered employment, including vocational training and rehabilitation services. As part of rehabilitation, our GROW trainees also receive Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy services, to ensure that their conditions are being managed and do not deteriorate.

In partnership with Elite Stationery, we look forward to serve you in all areas of greeting cards for your customers, staff and associates. We pride ourselves on honoring our customers and our continued commitment to provide you with the personal and professional service you deserve. Thank you once again for your generous support.

Yours Sincerely,

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore
Cerebral Palsy Centre
65 Pasir Ris Drive 1, Singapore 519529
Tel: 6585 5642   Fax: 6581 1455

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